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FAQ: Creativity and Studies

Here you find the frequently asked question regarding the programm "Creativity and Studies". In case of lack of clarity, you can get a overview of the most important topics.

Before the application:

Who can participate?
All students who are matriculated at the University of Göttingen, with the exception of PhD candidates, can submit project proposals.
Can I submit more than one project proposal?
Yes, you can. Please make sure the time you have available will actually allow you to implement more than one project at a time.
Can I submit projects that only relate to areas of individual faculties/degree programmes/subjects, or that just involve a specific topic?
The subject of your project is your choice. It may relate to your study area or have no connection with your studies and instead reflect your personal interests or concerns, for instance. We are particularly keen to promote initiatives that tackle social issues. Please note: We do not promote business foundations or start-ups.
What kind of project will not be supported?
The following aspects will lead to an inobservance of the application and will not be forwarded to the selection commitee:
Applications, which
  • are incomplete or do not comply with formalities(e.g missing documents);
  • are received after the deadline;
  • do not include an appropriate decription of the project;
  • do not comply with the idea of support (e.g. business foundations or other profit-orientated projects);
  • only aim to fund an association (as well as non-profit associations) or plan to pay wages
Can projects be submitted by a team too, and if so do all members of the team have to be named with full contact details and CVs?
Projects can be carried out either by individuals or as a group project. For group projects it is important that one contact is named who can act as representative of the team and the project proposal must also contain the names, contact details, matriculation numbers, and summary CVs of all members of the team. Please note: At least one member of the team has to be a student of the University of Göttingen.
How large can my project be? Are there limits?
The timescale of the project generally lasts one or more semesters. Please state in your proposal the planned duration of the project (start date, phases, conclusion) together with a plan for implementation.
Can I take part in the competition more than once?
Yes, new ideas are welcome from everyone, including previous successful entrants.
Can I submit a project proposal again if it has already been rejected once?
Yes, you can. N.B. Ask us for advice and revise your idea before you submit it again.

During the application:

How do I apply and what documents are needed for the project proposal?
Please describe your concept using no more than five pages, if possible. Explain the project clearly and describe the objectives you want it to achieve. An important aspect of your presentation is that you clearly formulate the concept and how you would like to implement the project, and what organisational resources (timetable, duration of the project, funding) are needed.
Please upload your application via the online application siteand submit the following documents:

  • Description of the planned project and why it is needed (max. five pages)
  • Detailed time table and plan of project phases (what steps are planned, how long the project will run)
  • Detailed and reasonable financial plan (how will the funds be used?): Please be as precise as possible. Please also submit cost projections with regard to each item in your plan. In any case, we also ask you to add links and screenshots to back up your plan.
  • Brief CV with presentation of your current study situation
  • Signed declaration of consent to publication of an obligatory one-page final report (transfer of rights to the University of Göttingen)
Attention: Only complete proposals will be considered. If any technical difficulties occur while using the application site, please take a screenshot of the problem and transfer it together with the application via e-mail . If you are not able to use the online application site, please submit your complete entry in electronic format (e.g. as PDF document) per e-mail with the subject "Creativity and studies/ your surname" to kreativitaet-im-studium[at]
Otherwise send you application with the screenshot of the error per mail to:

Student and Academic Services
Ms. Meike Gottschlich
Wilhelmsplatz 2, 37073 Göttingen
Can I submit the project proposals in English too?
Yes, the project proposals may be written in German or in English.
May I still submit entries after the closing date for submissions?
No, entries that are sent in after the closing date cannot be considered. N.B. Send us an abstract (at least two-pages) in advance with your brief CV and consent to publication. Make sure to submit the missing documents within a week.
Can I withdraw my entry after the closing date for submissions?
Yes. If you wish to do so, please inform the team “creativity&studies” as soon as possible by e-mail.

After the application :

Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my documents? When will I hear whether my project has been chosen?
If you use the online application site, you will automatically receive a confirmation from the system to the e-mail address you specified. If you are not able to use the online application site and you submit your complete entry in electronic format (e.g. as PDF document) or as a hard copy, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail as soon as possible. Confirmation may take some time, please be patient. We aim to process entries as efficiently as we can. You will be informed about events and results as soon as possible.
Will the successful entrants be announced publicly?
Yes, including on websites, in press releases, articles in various publications and at an award ceremony. In addition, the project head will be presented a certificate by the Presidential Board and the Chair of the AKB Stiftung. Also all successful projects will be introduced in a poster campaign.
How and when will my project(s) receive funding?
You will receive notice of approval (including your acceptance form and expenses statement) by e-mail together with a letter stating that the project has been chosen. After you have returned the completed and signed acceptance form, the agreed funds will be paid (maybe in subtotals) to the account given for the person responsible for the project. The completed and signed expenses statement needs to be submitted together with the final report.
Do I have to submit other reports as well as the final report?
Yes. Within the acceptance form, the person responsible for the project declares, that they consent to submitting a brief report on the status of the project (interim report) every semester, without being asked, as well as a report on completion of the project for publication by the University.