Trial Workshop on Science Management

target group: late stage PhD students and postdocs from Göttingen Campus

trainers: Dr. Anna Beck (start-up support), Dr. Vera Bissinger (Human Ressources Development/ GAUSS Career Service), Dr. Sabine Heerwart (Graduate School for Humanities Göttingen (GSGG)), Dr. Britta Korkowsky (Göttingen Graduate School for Social Sciences (GGG)/ GAUSS Career Service), Dr. Maren Zempel-Gino (research department)

Over the last few years, science management has developed as a professional field, providing interesting career prospects for today’s scientists. We offer 4-hour trial workshops on science management up to three times a year for PhD students and postdocs who would like to know more about the field and have asked themselves if switching to it could be interesting. The workshops are usually given in German as for most areas in science management in Germany language skills in German are required. (However, if you are interested in an English language workshop, please let us know. We’ll see what we can do.)

Here you can find information on the next workshop.