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The University of Göttingen has 6 university-wide partnerships with universities in Latin America, specifically in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. These partnerships provide exchange programs that are open to all bachelor and masters students of the University of Göttingen.

These exchange programs are administered by Göttingen International under the Tuition Waiver Program. Typically, exchanges last one semester and the application process begins with an application to the Tuition Waiver Programm. Details about the application process and dates can be found here.

Latin America is a vast region with 20 countries spanning two continents. Across Latin America the individual faculties of the University of Göttingen have faculty-specific exchange agreements. These are open only to students of that faculty. The partnerships are listed below. For further information please contact the respective faculty. Contact information can be found in the MoveOn Publisher.

Table with exchange possibilities

Internships and practica can be a great way to experience Latin America more deeply. However, finding an internship or practicum can be challenging and requires a lot of research, legwork and patience!

The Career Serviceof the University of Göttingen has a great website with information about finding a n applying for an internship abroad.

At Göttingen International we are also available to assist you, especially concerning questions about internships or practica at our partner universities or with funding through the PROMOS Scholarship geht.

Two of our partner universities offer the option of internships

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Below is a list of organizations that help students find internships in Latin America.





Global Placement

There are a few options to fund a stay abroad and it is important to inform oneself early and explore all options. Our partner universities do not offer scholarships or financial aid to exchange students. However, as part of the exchange programme, tuition fees at the host university are waived.

PROMOS: PROMOS is a DAAD-funded scholarship programme administered by Göttingen International. It is open to all students of the university and can be used for study abroad and internships abroad, regardless of whether one goes through a central exchange programme, faculty exchange programme, or as a freemover. For more information see.

Bafög: Students should also inquire about Auslands-Bafög. Even students ineligible for Inlands-Bafög, may be eligible for Auslands.Bafög.The Bafög-Amt responsible for Central and South America is at the Studentenwerk Bremen.

Private Scholarships and Grants: See our website on such scholarships.