Plant Pathology & Plant Protection Seminar - Winter term 2020/21

Seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 16:15. 

The seminar will be held in a hybrid form (prescence and online via Zoom) in lecture room L44. The number of people physically present in L44 is limited due to Corona to 14 (you have to register and sign-off via handy and QR-code at the entrance). The lecturer should usually be physically present together with the team of supervisors. The 10 remaining seats can be requested via email latest 1 day before the seminar. All other interested people may join the seminar via Zoom as the video conferencing tool. In case you have not received an invitation, please send a request to Birger Koopmann ( at least 1 day before the seminar. You will receive an email invitation in time containing the Zoom link.

Please also register to the seminar via StudIP! (Lecturers and listenors!)

Schedule and topic titles are still preliminary!

Date Topic Lecturer Chair
03.11.20 Gathering and technical testing of the hybrid event    
  Assessment of the risk of simultaneous development of herbicide resistance in corn in two problematic weeds, ECHCG and CHEAL, that occur together in one field Yazan Taher
10.11.20 NO SEMINAR    

17.11.20 Epidemiological studies on wheat blast (Magnaporthe oryzae Pathotype Tritici, MoT) with special reference to potential biocontrol
Musrat Zahan Surovy Parcharidou
  Chemical control of whitetop in strawberries in comparison with further Brassicaceae spp.
Berit Kleuker

24.11.20 Regulation and functional validation of GSTs involved in detoxification of herbicides mainly applied in pre-emergence Evlampia Parcharidou Streit
  Investigation of resistance against Ditylenchus dipsaci on sugar beet Alan Storelli
  Investigations on the differentiated selection of variants of target resistance by different ACCase inhibitors in blackgrass Bilgehan Ilbasmis
01.12.20 NO SEMINAR    

08.12.20 Influence of resistance genes Ht1, Ht2, Ht3 and Htn1 against Northern corn leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) on the biomass-yield of maize (Zea mays subs. mays) Lea Pichler Ludwig Navarro

Herbicide Resistance in Anthriscus caucalis - a recent emerging problem of arable fields in Northern Germany Muhammad Khan
  Cross-resistance pattern of biotypes of Alopecurus myosuroides with TSR to HRAC group B herbicides Abdulah Tahir
15.12.20 Setosphaeria turcica: race monitoring in South America and plant-pathogen interactions with Ht-genes Barbara Ludwig Navarro Saren
  Biology of burr chervil in comparison with further weedy Apiacease spp. Katharina Steuernagel
22.12.20 Effect of root exudates on the germination of microsclerotia of Verticillium longisporum inhibited by soil fungistasis Sarenqimuge Sarenqimuge Wang

Development of a decision support system for specific control of Turcicum leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) and Kabatiella eyespot disease (Kabatiella zeae) in maize Sebastian Streit
12.01.21 NO SEMINAR


19.01.21 Improving quantitative resistance of oilseed rape against the stem canker pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans Dima Alnajar Müllender

Abiotic and biotic effects on the germination of Plasmodiophora brassicae resting spores Yao Wang Surovy
26.01.21 Interaction of Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus (BNYVV) with the auxin signaling pathway in Beta vulgaris Max Müllender (IfZ) Rollwage
  Suitability of transient ex-situ expression of L. maculans avirulence genes in cotyledons of B. napus via Agrobacterium infiltration for large scale testing of Brassica napus genotypes for major blackleg resistance genes Balint Bakondi  
02.02.21 Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying recessive resistance against beet infecting poleroviruses Lukas Rollwage (IfZ)
Vega Marin
  Studies on nematode parasitism of Paecilomyces liliacinus using GFP-tagged strains Cornelius Möhle  
  Low sugar content disease of sugar beet 'Sydrome des basses richesses (SBR)' René Pfitzner (IfZ)

09.02.21 NO SEMINAR