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Coaching for international students starting their careers in Germany
(DAAD-Programme 'Integra')

The coaching for international and refugee students starting their careers in Germany offers you orientation and all in all individual support in identifying your career perspectives in Germany.

  • Orientation for your job search in Germany
  • Development of perspectives for your individual professional development
  • Decision-making process regarding professional orientation
  • Basic information about legal residence regulations
  • Process-oriented support when consulting needs are more extensive in terms of time and/or content
  • Support in overcoming professional, cultural and language obstacles to labor market integration

You define the specific aims of the coaching for starting your career in Germany! The coaching supports you interculturally and methodically competent in developing solutions for your questions and the realization of your next steps towards a successful career start based on your current situation and your personal interests, resources and strengths.

Coaching conversation
The coaching takes place as a confidential one-on-one conversation in a safe, appreciative and respectful atmosphere. It is free of charge and possible by phone, as a Walk & Talk–promenade and via web conference.

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German, English, Indonesian


In the first meeting, we will clarify your questions and the next steps together. This can be about very practical support - e.g. the clarification of what your visa entitles you to after the March 2020 changes, which other of the numerous university or extra-university offers for starting your career make sense in your personal situation or if you still have a question after attending vocational training events.
For more extensive questions - such as the fundamental development of perspectives for your future professional path - you can opt for process-oriented support of coaching with up to three one-hour appointments in which we together, i.a. using goal- and solution-oriented methods of systemic counseling and based on your personal resources and strengths, consider what your next steps towards a successful career start could be.


„Coaching is a person- and process-oriented consultation format that - based on the resources, aims and the specific situation of the coachee (the person seeking advice)- aims to achieve the desired goals when dealing with demanding tasks. The central aspect here is the activation of a greater scope of possibilities and the development of own, situation- and person-adequate solutions and solution approaches which the coach supports through interdisciplinary procedures and methods within the framework of a working partnership with the coachee. Accordingly, this is linked to the promotion of awareness in personal and professional areas, self- and role-reflection with regard to the performance of specific tasks in a concrete, primarily professional, but also private context.”

(Synthesis from: Wiemer, Matthias (2012): Begleitung anspruchsvoller Bildungswege. Coaching für Studierende. In: Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching, Ausgabe 19/2012. P. 50 and Deutsche Coaching Gesellschaft e.V. (DCG) (2020): Definition Coaching. Was ist Coaching. Available online at: [Date of retrieval: 18.12.2020].)


    Coaching´s rules
  • Formulation of topics and aims (formulated with SMART-method)
  • Opportunities and limitations of the coaching: clarify expectations (What kind of support does coaching offer, which not)
  • Responsibility of the coachee * (willingness for self-reflection, personal responsibility)
  • Course of action (Number of coaching hours and intervals, course of online support and tasks between the sessions)

Coaching is no training, no qualification and no substitute for psychotherapeutic or psychiatric counselling or treatment. No specialist advice is given and the coach does not bring ready-made solutions.

The Start Guide-Project for the integration of international immigrants into the regional labour market arranges the appropriate entry into occupation and provides assistance during the application and career entry phase.