Plant Pathology and Plant Protection Seminar - Summer term 2021

Seminar takes place on  Tuesdays at 16:15. Venue is room L44, Grisebachstr. 6.

During the COVID-pandemia the seminar will be held online using the Zoom video conferencing system. In case you are interested in the seminar and don´t have access to the link, please contact either Mrs. Bode or Dr. Koopmann. 

Date Topic Lecturer Chair
20.04.21 NO SEMINAR

27.04.21 NO SEMINAR

04.05.21 Regulation and functional validation of GSTs involved in detoxification of herbicides mainly applied in pre-emergence Evlampia Parcharidou (PP-Herbology ext.)

Control of root infection on oilseed rape with clubroot and Verticillium longisporum by biological seed dressing Saad Saman Khan (PP)  
11.05.21 Volatile mediated inhibition effect of soil bacteria on the microsclerotia of  Verticillium longisporum Sarenmique Sarenmique (PP)
Musrat Surovy

Fusarium on oats
Charlotte Rodemann (MOL)
18.05.21 Epidemiological studies on wheat blast (Magnaporthe oryzae Pathotype Tritici, MoT) with special reference to potential biocontrol Musrat Surovy (PP)
Evlampia Parcharidou

Investigations on the differentiated selection of variants of target resistance by different ACCase inhibitors in blackgrass Bilgehan Ilbbasmis (PP-Herbology)

25.05.21 NO SEMINAR

01.06.21 Evaluation of  plant secondary metabolites as bioherbicides Mohammed Elhefnawy (PP-Herbology) René Pfitzer

Assessment of the risk of simultaneous development of herbicide resistance in corn in two problematic weeds, ECHCG and CHEAL, that occur together in one field Yazan Taher (PP- Herbology)

08.06.21 Low sugar content disease of sugar beet 'Sydrome des basses richesses (SBR) René Pfitzer (Ento / IfZ) Maximillian Meyer

Studies on nematode parasitism of Paecilomyces liliacinus using GFP-tagged strains Cornelius Möhle (PP)

15.06.21 Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying recessive resistance against beet infecting poleroviruses Lukas Rollwage (IfZ)
 Juana Montoya

Current weed problems in agricultural practice and factors influencing the use of herbicide resistance tests as a supportive management measure
Maximillian Meyer (PP - Herbology)
22.06.21 Improving quantitative resistance of oilseed rape against the stem canker pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans (Final progress report) Dima Alnajar (PP) Muhammad Khan

Validation of candidate genes identified in flufenacet resistant ryegrass in German ryegrass field populations Juana Montoya (PP)

29.06.21 Genetic interaction of the awn roughness loci raw1 and raw7HS in barley
Muhammad Khan (PP - Herbology) Facundo Ispizua

Studies on the efficacy of pelargonic acid herbicides Ogbangwor Nnuabuife (PP-Herbology)
06.07.21 Oilseed rape - an improving crop in Tunesia and its main fungal threat Leptospheria maculans Essia Maghrebi (Guest Tunesia) Dima Alnajar
  Integration of optical, meteorological and environmental data to improve the detection of the occurrence of Cercospora - leaf spot disease Facundo Ispizua (IfZ)  
14.07.20 Conidial task sharing – how two asexual spore types of the anthracnose fungus Colletotrichum graminicola shape development and pathogenicity Dr. Daniela Nordzieke, Junior Group Leader, Dep.Genetics of Eukaryotic Microorganisms, Uni Gö Barbara Ludwig Navarro