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Latin Philology (M.A.)


« Extra Gottingam non est vita, si est vita non est ita. » A. L. von Schlözer

You have earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin or Classical Studies and would like to study where famous scholars like Gesner, Heyne and Wilamowitz once taught? Follow the founding fathers of Classical Studies and come to the university of Göttingen, rich in tradition and well-known for its excellent research! The Master of Arts in Latin Philology offers you numerous resources and individual specialization options in order to qualify as a Latinist in a scientifically profound way.

Latin Philology
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Language of the programme:
Standard period of study:
4 semesters
Summer and winter semester

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The MA “Latin Philology” is a consecutive, more research-oriented master’s course. Based on the knowledge acquired in the undergraduate studies, the course focuses upon the ancient Latin language and literature as well as their reception. The subject of study in the narrower sense are the Latin texts which were written up to approx. 600 AD. The students of the MA “Latin Philology” will develop their language skills in dealing with Latin texts and will increase their ability to conduct scientific research autonomously.

In addition to the so-called “classical” Latin / Greek literature, the Göttingen Department of Classical Philology is concerned with the literature of the Roman Imperial Age and Late Antiquity. Besides, one of the few professorships for didactics in ancient languages ​​is located in Göttingen.

The teaching programme of the department is structured in such a way that framing topics alternate in a 6-semester cycle: In the winter semester there are treated genres of prose, whereas in the summer semester genres of poetry are on the curriculum. In this way, Classical Philology is taught in its full breadth and all courses are thematically linked.

The department of Classical Philology also maintains close professional and social connections to neighboring sciences, students of the MA “Latin Philology” can choose a compulsory elective module in the subject area of Medieval Latin Philology. In addition to the master’s degree, the university of Göttingen offers doctorate programmes in Greek and Latin Philology.

Doctoral studies; academic work as a Latinist at universities, academies and research institutions; work in higher library service, in adult education and in the field of culture and tourism management.

Related and consecutive programmes


This degree programme can be studied in 2 different profiles.

  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in combination with one module package (minor) totalling 36 credits
  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in combination with two module packages (minor) totalling 18 credits each

You can apply for one study profile and one study focus.

4. Semester

Master’s thesis

Regulations and module directory


Previous studies

  • B.A. degree or comparable degree
  • at least 150 ECTS at the time of application
  • Eligibility: Verification required for…
    • academic achievement in Latin Philology totalling at least 50 credits, including at least 6 credits in advanced Latin grammar and 9 credits in Latin literature or
    • academic achievement in Classical Studies totalling at least 54 credits, including at least 42 credits in Latin Philology

Language requirements

  • Latinum (Latin proficiency certificate) and Graecum (Greek proficiency certificate) [both are also required for the 36C-module-package “Latin Philology”]
  • Note for international applicants: For the enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities certified proficiency in German language is required!


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Lecture Recordings

Hüter der Geschichte oder fake news?

Hesiods Theogonie: Quellen, Weltbild und Bedeutung in der späteren Antike

Die Pest im klassischen Athen & ihre historische und literarische Folgen

Didactic Project Experimentum Romanum

Under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlmann, students of Classical Philology conceived a short film series on the everyday life of the Romans, partly in Latin. This was produced by SWR and is available in their media library:
short film series


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Nadine Fröhlich (M.A./M.Ed.)
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