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Scandinavian Studies (M.A.)


You have completed your BA degree in Scandinavian Studies and want to further deepen your knowledge of Scandinavian culture and literature as well as your language skills? Scandinavian Studies in Göttingen offers you the opportunity to do so, with a focus on the Modern or Older Department. In the Single Honours MA, you concentrate fully on Scandinavian Studies and spend a semester at our partner universities in Aarhus, Gothenburg or Trondheim. In the Joint Honours MA, you study Scandinavian Studies and choose module packages worth 36 C from other subjects in addition.

Scandinavian Studies
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Language of the programme:
German and Scandinavian Languages
Standard period of studies:
4 Semesters
Start of studies:
Single Honours MA in winter semester, Joint Honours MA in winter or summer semester
Restricted (Application to the Faculty)

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The MA in Scandinavian Studies is a consecutive degree programme that builds on relevant Bachelor's degree programmes to provide in-depth linguistic, literary and cultural knowledge of the Scandinavian language and cultural area.

In two comprehensive modules, students acquire extended knowledge in the fields of Older and/or Modern Scandinavian Studies. A focus on one of the two fields is possible, but not mandatory. Knowledge of the main Scandinavian language is also further promoted: One of the two main seminar papers must be written in the Scandinavian foreign language. In addition, courses in translation, regional studies and literature expand language skills. In the mono-master (78 C), a compulsory stay abroad of at least 1 semester also serves to deepen the already existing language skills. It is possible to apply for an ERASMUS scholarship for this. At least 24 C should be received abroad. These will be directly credited in Göttingen.

In the field of modern Scandinavian literatures, the research foci of the Scandinavian Seminar are, for example:

  • Drama
  • Translation
  • thematic and motif research
  • "Internationality of National Literatures" (Chair of Prof Fritz Paul)
  • 17th/18th century or
  • biographical research

In the field of Old Norse literature and culture, research focuses, for example, on:

  • Icelandic medieval literature and its reception
  • royal sagas
  • legal texts
  • Hagiographic literature.

Furthermore, the history of scholarship and reception as well as the comparative examination of Scandinavian literatures and cultures from an external perspective receive great attention. The dissertations and post-doctoral theses written here also play an important role in the research profile of the department.

The MA in Scandinavian Studies prepares students for work in the field of cultural mediation, publishing (proofreading and editorial work, "scout" activities, translation), print and visual media as well as in private and public research institutions dealing with Scandinavian languages as well as Scandinavian literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present. It also enables further academic qualification within the framework of a doctorate.

Consecutive programmes

Consecutive/graduate programmes


This degree programme can be studied in 3 different profiles.

  • Single Honours MA totalling 78 credits (Mono-master)
  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in combination with one module package (minor) totalling 36 credits
  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in combination with two module packages (minors) totalling 18 credits each

You can apply for one study profile.

1. - 4. Semester

4. Semester

Master’s thesis

1. - 4. Semester

4. Semester

Master’s thesis

4. Semester

Master’s thesis

Regulations and module directory


Previous studies

  • B.A.-Degree or equivalent
  • at least 150 ETCS at the time of application
  • Eligibility:
    • Students must prove achievements in the field of Older and Modern Scandinavian Studies totalling at least 24 C, but not less than 9 C in either of them.

Language requirements

  • Knowledge of Danish, Norwegian or Swedish to the extent of at least 21 C must be demonstrated
  • For enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities, proof of German language skills is an absolute prerequisite!


Study and examination advice Faculty of Humanities

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