Plant Pathology and Plant Protection Seminar - Summer term 2022

Seminar takes place on  Tuesdays at 16:15. Venue is room L44, Grisebachstr. 6.

This semester we will largely return to the regular form (face-to-face) of our seminar. Nevertheless, we will retain the online option in order to offer external students and guests easy access to the seminar. Consequently, the seminar will take place in a hybrid form (Zoom-meeting). If you are interested in the seminar and are a student, please register for this module via StudIP. If you need online access, please contact Ms Bode or Dr Koopmann, who will send the link. 

Date Topic Lecturer Chair
19.04.22 Regulation and functional validation of GSTs involved in detoxification of herbicides mainly applied in pre-emergence Evlampia Parcharidou (PP-H ext.) Surovy

Impact of fungicides and host resistance on the aggressiveness of Exserohilum turcicum in maize Md. Mohiuddin Mithon (PP)

26.04.22 Epidemiological studies on wheat blast (Magnaporthe oryzae pathotype Tritici, MoT) with special reference to potential biocontrol Musrat Surovy (PP) Rodemann

'Night sowing and night tilling - an alternative control strategy for weeds Ricarda Knacksterdt (PP-H)
03.05.22 Fusarium on oats Charlotte Rodemann (PP) Saren

Investigations on hot water treatment for the production of high-quality grapevine propagation material Dorottya Ágnes Simon (PP external)  
10.05.22 NO SEMINAR

17.05.22 NO SEMINAR [IOBC-Working Group Meeting Integrated Control in Oilseed Crops

24.05.22 NO SEMINAR - [Farmers Space (Reinshof)]

31.05.22 NO SEMINAR

07.06.22 The effect of host plant on the germination of microsclerotia of Verticillium longisporum Sarenmique Sarenmique (PP) Chandarana

Exploration of candidate genes involved in dormancy and germination of microsclerotia of Verticillium longisporum Hendrik Wenneker (PP)
14.06.22 NO SEMINAR

Effect of temperature, ph Value and water activity on the growth of Trichderma in vivo and in vitro Felix Voll (PP)

Occurence of Trichderma in Germany and effect of soil treatment and prevoise crops Madhav Chandarana  (PP)

Towards fluorescence tagging and biocontrol of nematodes using Paecilomyces lilacinus Cornelius Möhle (PP / JKI)  
28.06.22 Investigations about the biology and control of Anthriscus caucalis Cornelius Ebert (PP-H) Yang
05.07.22 Interactions between sugar beet cultivar resistance and Cercospora beticola population Yixuan Yang (IfZ)
  !TALK HAS BEEN CANCELLED! Development of RNA-based control strategies against virus yellows in sugar beet Daniel Papenberg (IfZ)  
12.07.22 Specifcy and efficacy of biocontrol of nematodes using different strains of Paecilomyes lilacinus
Franziska Gelbke (JKI / PP)

A reliable and high-throughput method for the evaluation of seed treatments to control wheat loose smut (Ustilago segetum var. nuda f. sp. tritici) Siham Khanfri (Bayer / PP)

19.07.22 Phenotyping oilseed rape genotypes for their resistance against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. conglutinans Niklas Mahlau (PP) Ebert

Pathogenicity of biological, Trichodema based fungicides and growth inhibitors on maize Eike Tannen (PP)

Host spectrum of Trichderma afroharzianum Peet Gaumann (PP)