Sur Dialogues

Motivated by students’ demands for different perspectives during their studies, we offered a new seminar series, the Sur Dialogues, in October and November 2022. The seminar series gave voice to social scientists from the Global South, particularly from Latin America, to discuss contemporary issues of economic development.


October 25, 2022:

  • Francisco Ferreira (LSE) [in person]: "Inequality of opportunity and intergenerational persistence in Latin America" (with F. Bourguignon, P. Brunori, G. Neidhöfer)
  • Dany Jaimovich (U Talca) [online]: "The grievances of a failed reform: Chilean land reform and conflict with indigenous communities" (with F. Toledo-Concha)

November 8, 2022:

  • Amma Panin (UC Louvain) [in person]: "Using religious participation to insure mental health in Ghana"
  • Felipe Valencia Caicedo (U British Columbia) [online]: "Tordesillas, slavery and the origins of Brazilian inequality" (with H. Laudares)

November 22, 2022:

  • Breno Sampaio (UF Pernambuco) [in person]: "The effects of job loss and unemployment insurance: Lessons from Brazil"
  • Manuel Santos Silva (U Münster) [in person]: "Right-wing populism in the tropics: Economic crisis, the political gender gap, and the election of Bolsonaro" (with L. Barros)

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