Research Program

1. Pro-poor growth, poverty, inequality, and gender

  • Determinants of pro-poor growth in Latin America
  • Determinants of growth and inequality in Latin American countries
  • Measurement and interpretation of poverty and inequality in developing countries
  • Labor market dynamics in Latin America
  • Income distribution dynamics in Latin America
  • Determinants of undernutrition and child mortality in developing
  • countries
  • The impact of gender inequality on economic growth and development

2. Foreign trade, liberalization, and growth

  • Export growth and export dynamics in Latin America
  • International competitiveness of Latin American economies
  • Growth processes in developing countries: the role of openness and other factors
  • Trade relations between the EU and Latin America
  • Regional integration in the Americas
  • Development Aid and Growth

External Relations and Projects
The IAI maintains contacts with research institutes and universities in Latin America, the U.S., and Europe as well as national and international development organizations. The Institute actively promotes the scientific and professional cooperation through joint research projects and consultancies as well as round table seminars and symposia. The Institute also welcomes guest researchers. Well-known scientists from Latin America, the U.S., and other countries have taken advantage of this opportunity. The staff members of the Institute carry out assignments as consultants and experts in the area of international economic development policy:

Prof. Stephan Klasen, Ph. D.:

  • Project on the determinants of pro-poor growth: A Bolivian Case Study (financed by Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), in co-operation with World Bank (WB), Agence France de Development (ADF), Gesellschaft für technische Zusammmenarbeit (GTZ))

  • Co-Managing Editor of the ‘Review of Income and Wealth’
  • Member of the ‘Scientific Advisory Council of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development’ (BMZ)
  • Member of the Development Committee of the German Economic Association (Verein für Socialpolitik)

Prof. Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, PhD:

  • Project on “Transport Costs, Economic Integration and International Trade”, together with Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann and Sebastian Vollmer, with financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (Project SEJ 2007-67548)
  • Project on Aid Effectiveness: Aid and Trade, Aid and Growth

Dr. Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann:

  • Cooperation with Instituto de Economía Internacional, Universidad Jaume I, Spain
  • Project on Latin America’s international competitiveness
  • Project on regional integration (north-south, south-south)

Adriana Rocio Cardozo (M. A. Hons. Economics):

  • Project on the determinants of poverty reduction by region in Colombia

Boris Branisa

  • Regional growth convergence in Columbia
  • Evolution of poverty and inequality in Bolivia
  • Understanding female labor participation in Chile
  • Social institutions and gender inequality at the cross-country level

Carlos Villalobos

  • Labor Markets in Latin America
  • Selection of Migrants and Internal Migration in Latin America
  • Welfare and Poverty Analysis