Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research


The Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research was founded in 1964 with funding from the Volkswagen Foundation. It is part of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. In this capacity, the Ibero-America Institute supports both research and teaching in the Economics Department and coordinates the English-language MSc Development Economics program.

In Memory of Professor Stephan Klasen

Professor Stephan Klasen, Ph.D., holder of the Chair of Development Economics and Director of the Ibero-American Institute for Economic Research since 2003, died on October 27, 2020 at the age of 54 after a long and serious illness.

Stephan Klasen shaped his field, development economics, like no other in Germany and Europe. The emergence of modern development economics in Germany since the early 2000s is largely due to his commitment and work. By establishing diverse and cross-faculty cooperation and networks, he has significantly expanded development economics in Götttingen and enabled cross-disciplinary research. Today, Göttingen is Germany's largest and internationally most visible location for research on developing countries. Unfortunately, we are losing our esteemed colleague, who was full of energy and ideas and was committed to the interests of his students, doctoral candidates and staff until the end, much too early. We will miss him. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will honor his memory. Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife and his four children.
Obituary of the Faculty of Economics