Unboxing.IoT.Privacy: Tool-supported, moderated and citizen-centered community platform for privacy classification of IoT products

IoT devices are increasingly finding their way into our most private spaces: our living spaces. Thanks to their ability to connect to other devices as well as their sensors and actuators, IoT devices can contribute inimproving our everyday lives. For example, our health can be improved, our household tasks simplified, or our homes automated. However, the realization of such functionalities requires the collection of data about not only the devices’ owners, but also about people in their environment, such as family members or guests. In practice, however, it is often not possible to trace which data is collected, stored, or transferred to other devices and servers by IoT devices. The aim of this sub-project is therefore to provide transparency in this regard, so that citizens can make informed decisions about their privacy. In particular, we will develop user interfaces for and with concerned people to make the results of the privacy analyses obtained in Unboxing.IoT.Privacy understandable to them. We will especially focus on the privacy of---all---people concerned, thus including bystanders. These user interfaces will then be integrated into the community platform to be developed. They will hence contribute to the overall solution that will be developed in Unboxing.IoT.Privacy.

  • Start: 01.11.2023
  • End: 31.10.2026
  • Total funding: t.b.a.
  • Projektseite: t.b.a.