Allowances for conference trips

It is our aim to enable doctoral candidates to attend conferences and workshops at home and abroad. The persons supported by allowances for conferences are thus given the opportunity to expand their academic network and can put their research projects forward for discussion in a circle of experts.

From 1 April 2022, Stage 0 of the Covid 19 Stage Plan will come into force; travel to destinations in Germany and abroad is possible. Only in the case of travel to virus variant areas, the necessity of the trip must be especially checked. If you have any questions, please contact us before submitting your application.

Domestic travel
The requirements for travel grant awards (conference and research travel) are aligned with the University's COVID 19 level plan. For example, among other things, the opinion of a supervisor is omitted when applying for travel grants when Levels 0 and 1 are valid. The regulations apply to doctoral students with as well as without employee status

Trips abroad
Travel abroad is possible at present; special examination is required for travel to a virus-variant area.

Only doctoral candidates until their disputation are entitled to apply.

Currently we can only offer you a non-interactive pdf version of our application forms. So unfortunately you have to print and fill out the form by hand. However, we will of course continue to accept your application documents by mail/pdf attachment. Thank you for your understanding!

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