Guideline for the admission of doctoral programmes and research training groups into GSGG

I. For the inclusion of doctoral programmes and research training groups into GSGG a written application for admissions needs to be made.

The application should briefly present the content of the doctoral programme, emphasizing the connection to theological or humanistic topics.

The programme or research training group needs to include the following elements:

  • 1. Standardised and transparent access procedures
  • 2. Rules of procedure which determine the committee structure as well as all procedural rules for the passing of resolution
  • 3. Establishing committees for the supervision of doctoral candidates ("thesis committees")
  • 4. A qualification programme which includes discipline-specific requirements as well as key qualifications which are conductive to the future career paths of the doctoral candidates
  • 5. Additionally, "international" programmes account for special structures of support for international doctoral candidates
  • 6. Target figures for doctoral candidates to be admitted as well as graduates per year
  • 7. Organisation of examination administration, administrative coordination and supervision (references to existing structures of the faculties are possible)
  • 8. Designation of the responsible programme manager
  • 9. List of authorised examiners within the programme (for persons within the basic programme not authorised to examine please enclose a short biography)
  • 10. The envisaged teaching programme needs to comply with the regulations of § 13 of the Decree of GSGG and its feasibility in the long term needs to be set out

  • Please enclose the following documents with the application:
  • The necessary committee resolutions of the respective faculties and university for the establishment of the doctoral programme
  • Rules of procedure of the programme
  • If applicable, cooperation agreements with external institutions involved with the programme
  • If applicable, permit notice of third-party donors

  • II. Firstly, the complete application for admission will be submitted to all participating faculties.

    III. After having accepted the application, the faculties will forward it to the board of GSGG.