The Stift in Overview

Part of the unique character of the Stift - between the responsibilities of communal living and the freedoms of student life - is the creation of a space for learning from and with one another. As a house of study and training center for religious studies, the Stift offers its residents academic support and advice through the Stiftsinspektor. In the context of being a center for theological training, faculty from the theology department offer courses in the Stift, which pertain to their area of specialty. The residents of the Stift have access to a seminar room, as well as a furnished in-house library with over a thousand different titles. Residents, who choose, may offer a tutorial of their own for those living in the Stift, complimenting the tutorials offered by the faculty as well as providing an opportunity to gain personal teaching experience. All residents of the Stift are required to participate in at least one in-house tutorial per week.

While classes are in session, the Stift community is shaped largely by the student led government. Monday through Friday, the residents of the Stift share communal lunch and dinner together. Three days of the week, following lunch, a short plenum takes place in which all concerns pertaining to life in the Stift are handled. These plenums are the heart of our self-government. They are organized and led by a council, which consists of the Stiftsinspektor and elected residents from the Stift. The council is responsible for all current business and questions pertaining to planning and Stift activities. At the beginning of each semester, during a weekend retreat, we decide on activities which will take place during our weekly Monday evening plenums. These activities have covered a broad spectrum, ranging from grilling in the Stift’s garden to music and cultural events organized by the residents of the Stift to guest lecturers and panel discussions.

Each semester begins and ends with a worship service. The “old” Stifties are bid farewell at the semester’s end and the new Stifties are welcomed at the beginning. The collection taken during the services goes towards a social project chosen by the residents in the Stift. In summer term 2020 the proceeds are going towards the support of the project "Frauennotruf Göttingen – Beratungs- und Fachzentrum bei sexueller und häuslicher Gewalt"... More

Your Room in the Stift

The Stift has 35 single rooms, ranging from 12 to 24 qm. Each room has internet hook-up, the possibility for a private telephone connection, and a personal sink. Living in the Stift is rent-free; however, conditional to receiving the scholarship is a monthly energy fee of 78 Euro. While classes are in session there is a monthly fee of 115 Euro for the communal lunches and dinners (Stiftsrate). A fee of 15 Euro per month is collected during the semester holiday, which amounts to approximately 140 Euro for the year.