PhD student members of GGG are:

  • all PhD students of the Faculties of Law, Social Sciences and Economic Sciences,
  • all PhD students of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, who started their PhD until September 2015,
  • all PhD students of the Chairs of Forest Economics, Forest and Nature Conservation Policy, and Nature Conservation and Landscape Planning, who started their PhD until September 2015,
  • PhD students of the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences and Forest Sciences, who started their PhD since October 2015 and who are registered at GGG and
  • all PhD students who are members of a research training group or another program listed at the right side.

Prerequisite for a GGG membership is a successful application and admission to PhD studies directly at one of our member faculties or in one of our associated research training groups or programs (see right hand list). Afterwards, please register with GGG by filling in this questionaire.

Please note that the GGG does not handle applications and does not confer doctoral degrees. The respective faculties, research training groups and PhD programs hold the sole responsibility for application, admission and procedure of PhD studies.

The Executive Board of the GGG decides about the admission of new PhD programs at the GGG:
Please send your application to:
GGG, Dr. Bettina Roß
Geismar Landstr. 11, 37083 Göttingen

Application as document
Application as pdf