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Ancient Near Eastern Studies (M.A.)

Degree Programme title: Ancient Near Eastern Studies (M.A.)
Degree: Master of Arts
Standard duration of study: 4 semesters
Start: Summer and winter semester
Part-time studies possible
Degree programme options: Joint Honours MA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (42 C); Module packages: Ancient Near Eastern Studies as MA minor subjects (36 C); Ancient Near Eastern Studies/Akkadistik as MA minor subjects (18 C); Ancient Near Eastern Studies/Sumerologie as MA minor subjects (18 C)
Admission requirements for the Joint Honours MA: Overview
Entrance requirements for module packages: Overview
Note for international applicants: For the enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities certified proficiency in German language is required!
Application: application procedure (application to the faculty of humanities)

Language of the programme: German

Programme description
Ancient Near Eastern Studies offers students the possibility to comprehend the possibilities, cultures and societies of the Ancient Near East from the Neolithic period to the post-Christian period, to explore their languages, literature and monuments and acquire the corresponding methodical approaches. The programme aims to gives students the skills needed to independently deal with the contents of the subject in a scientific manner.

Fields and research foci
Ancient Near Eastern Studies is a historical science that conducts philological basic research in Göttingen. The emphasis lies in tapping into and interpreting the comprehensive written documents in Akkadian or Sumerian lanugage (approx. 3100 – 500 B.C). The research areas of the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Studies are located in the area of Akkadian literature, religion of ancient orient as well as the Sumerian – Akkadian transfer of language.

Programme structure
The programme is comprised of modules. All courses and contents are formed into teaching and learning units (modules). The Master's Programm in Ancient Near Eastern Studies can only be studies in combination with a further module packet comprises 36 credits (or with two module packets worht 18 credits each). The standard period of study is four semesters including the competion of the Master thesis.

Occupational fields
This programme qualifies graduates for a career in a related field at universities, non-university research insititutions, libraries, museums and collections in inlad and abroad. It is the entrance requirement for the graduate college for doctoral studies. Outside of the university or scientific area, qualified positions may be found with publishing houses, newspapers, television networks, travel business, in adult education or in the book and art trade.

Language requirements
Knowledge of the English language and an additional modern foreign language are required.
Lanauge requirements to be fulfilled during the programme: In-depth knowledge of Akkadian; basic knowledge of Sumerian and Sumerian literature.