Academic coordination

The Academic coordination of CeMig has the following tasks:

  • organisation and further establishment of CeMig
  • coordination of research activities and third-party funding
  • conceptualization, preparation and organisation of various event formats (conferences, workshops, panel discussions)
  • expansion of internal and external university networks
  • public relations

Since the beginning of March 2018 Dr. Jelka Günther has taken over the coordination of CeMig.

Dr. Jelka Günther

Jelka Günther is an anthropologist and has specialized regionally in Southeast Asia (Thailand). Her dissertation “Thailand in Motion: Nostalgia and Domestic Tourism Mobilities” (translation of the German title) examines the interdependence of domestic tourism and migration movements against the background of politicised urban-rural relations in Thailand. In the field of science management - and communication she finds the task of making research knowledge understandable for a broad public particularly interesting.

Jelka Günther is supported by the student assistant Leon-Fabian Caspari:

Leon-Fabian Caspari

Leon-Fabian Caspari (Mail) is a master student of Social and Cultural Anthropology. In the context of his studies he is particularly concerned with transnational labour migration, international student mobility and migration in the context of climate change in East and Southeast Asia, as well as in Germany. These topics have also occupied him during his semesters abroad in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as his NGO work in Taiwan. His bachelor thesis deals with the changed self-perceptions of international Chinese students in the context of their mobility. He conducted the underlying ethnographic field research in Göttingen.

Former employees:

  • Dr. Katherine Braun (Academic coordination)
  • Guido Albrecht-Böning (Student Assistant)