Becoming a member

According to its statutes, GSGG admits two categories of junior members with equal rights:

Doctoral candidates working independently of programmes with the aim of obtaining a Dr. phil. can apply to become members of GSGG as can those doctoral candidates who are a member of a GSGG-incorporated doctoral programme or research training group or of the Doctoral Degree Programme Theology.

There are two scenarios concerning registration at GSGG: You can either send us your complete application documents and subsequently receive a confirmation that you are an official member or – and we strongly recommend this – you attend, in addition to the submission of your documents, one of the briefings which we offer twice a month and which proceed in small groups of up to six newly accepted doctoral candidates. During these consultations, we provide guidance concerning our funding and qualification programmes, the obligatory annual reports and our consultancy services.
If you would like to combine your registration with a briefing, please inform us which appointment you would like to attend when sending your documents.

Next appointments for registration (only with prior application):
For the time being, the onboarding meetings are condducted online. Please register via mail, we will send you the link to the meeting.

  • Monday, 5th October 2020, 11 am (German speaking)
  • Monday, 9th November 2020, 11 am (German speaking)

Please arrange an appointment with our administration office for the registration with GSGG as soon as you can submit the necessary documents:

Please make sure to only use the current version of the doctoral agreement (Faculty of Humanities: attachment 3 of the doctoral regulations; Faculty of Theology: attachment 2 of the doctoral regulations)! With some search engines you still find older versions which are no longer valid!

Please note: Interfacultary doctoral programmes and research training groups

  • Members of a programme not attached to one of the two participating faculties can become members of GSGG if at least one member of their Thesis Committee with authorization to examine belongs to the Faculty of Humanities or Theology of the University of Göttingen.

  • The same applies for associated members of the incorporated doctoral programmes. These must have been officially declared as such by the speaker of the programme.

  • After leaving their programme, doctoral candidates of the participating faculties can be accepted by the GSGG as "doctoral candidates outside programmes", provided that they have satisfied the relevant requirements.

All doctoral members of GSGG are entitled to make an application until exactly one year after their thesis defence, provided that the dissertation has not yet been published. The membership with GSGG ends with the termination of the status as a doctoral candidate (publication of the dissertation, presentation of the doctoral certificate).