BioEnergie Regionen STärken - Innovation und Optimisation - Focus on cascade use - Wood composites

Subproject: Wood-Based Panels - IO-K1

The aim of the "Wood Composites" work package was to develop marketable products from low-quality beech wood assortments and wood from short-rotation plantations (SRP) into wood-polymer composites (WPC). Investigations showed that the use of beech wood types for WPC, and an application of the derived compounds in injection moulding, profile extrusion, as well as compression moulding processes was possible. The mechanical properties of the composites was significantly influenced by the process used. To ensure further adaptation for industrial processes, selected WPC formulations were mixed with industrial colourants. Common reddish-brownish pigment mixtures used to stain decking wood were used to investigate and compare the influence of wood and bark components on the colouring of composites in industrial profile extrusion. In this context, the influence of bark, the extracts it contains, and the characteristic cell types were considered.