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Chemistry (M.Sc.)

Students on the Master's degree programme at Göttingen can select from all the many facets of Chemistry. The programme is strongly research-oriented and offers an optimal grounding for doctoral studies. From the varied range of courses, a study programme can be built up from largely individual foci: This extends from a broad overview of Chemistry to profiles such as Catalytic Chemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry and Chemical Methods. We are happy to advise you on these options. Chemistry at Göttingen – a degree programme of the highest level in the personal atmosphere of a small yet broadly positioned faculty.

Subject: Chemistry M.Sc.
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Start of programme: winter and summer semester
Admission: admission restricted (application with the faculty)
Terms of admission:(see below)
Application: Information
Application deadline: July 15th (for the winter semester), January 15th (for the summer semester)
Language of programme: German

Course description
The Chemistry Master's programme in Göttingen is characterised by a distinctive orientation towards research. It is a complex programme on a very high academic level, in which scientific knowledge is thoroughly broadened; the students gain knowledge of the methodology and experimental skills necessary to solve demanding chemical problems. Both an individual specialisation in different areas of chemistry and a broad overview of chemistry are therefore possible. The M.Sc. is a professional and research-oriented qualification that enables students to do scientific research independently within the framework of a Ph.D. programme. In the Master's programme, students study a wide range of optional modules depending on their area of specialisation. In addition, study foci in interdisciplinary fields e.g. between Chemistry and Physics or between Chemistry and Biology, can be chosen, the programme also includes elements of professional qualification to acquire key skills. It is possible to complete parts of the programme abroad.

Specialist subjects and fields of research in Göttingen
The Master's programme in Göttingen is characterised by its proximity to research and the faculty’s excellence in research. Research is focused on "Functional Biomolecular Chemistry", "Sustainable Chemistry" and "Analytical methods on Molecule Interaction". Through a wide range of internships in the faculty’s research groups, our students are able to participate in current research projects at an early stage.

Language requirements
The study programme is tought both in German and English. A sound knowledge of both languages is recommended to profit from the braod range of optional courses.

Without a Ph.D.: lower level of management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical representative, self-employment.
With a Ph.D.: laboratory management, middle or upper level of management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, university career, research institutions, self-employment, management consultancy, expert consultant, etc.

Admission requirements
Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or in a related field with a defined number of Credits in Chemistry (for details see "Ordnung über die Zugangsvoraussetzungen und Zulassung"). Applicants from abroad need a certificate of knowledge in German or English language (DSH-2, C1 or equivilant).