Development of multifunctional composite materials from non-conventional binders (DAAD Scholarship)

My current research focuses on mineral binder-bonded lignocellulosic composites from non-conventional low embodied energy and low carbon footprint mineral binders such as magnesium potassium phosphate cement (MKPC) and geopolymer binders as sustainable alternatives OPC-bonded composites (state-of-the-art).

The main goals include:

  • valorising bio-ash sustainably sourced from agricultural biomass wastes, e.g. coconut shell residue as an eco-friendly substitute for fly ash (a waste product from coal power plants) and investigating the influence on the material (composite) properties. Fly ash has been an effective, low-cost valuable additive for the construction industry for many years, but whose availability will be threatened in the coming years following increasing awareness and legislation against coal-fired power plants associated with atmospheric CO2 emissions
  • upcycling other common waste materials and industrial side streams such as recovered silica gel into value-added minerally bonded composites for construction applications.