The Göttingen math department offers excellent and manifold opportunities for pursuing a career towards a doctoral degree. Students are integrated into the international and inspiring environment of the department. The spectrum of possible Ph.D research topics ranges from pure over applied mathematics to mathematical statistics. Ph.D projects may also be interdisciplinary, with close connections to other disciplines, such as mathematical physics or biophysics.

For more information about the various research topics of the Göttingen math department, please consult the faculty homepages. The Ph.D program usually takes three years. During the entire program, doctoral candidates are students of the University of Göttingen. Aside from the research program, Ph.D candidates are additionally required to attend lectures and seminars in order to broaden their knowledge and to acquire new skills. Ph.D students are also expected to present their research results at international conferences and workshops.

Ph.D students are integrated into the research activities of up to two research groups. Ph.D students are guided through their program by a thesis committee (comprised of three faculty members) for quality insurance.

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D in mathematics in Göttingen, please contact a faculty member in order to inquire about open position and financial support.