Gruppenbild Ulrichs
Hiking day in June 2018, together with the research group of Vasily Moshneaga. From the left to the right:
Sina Ludewig, Henrike Probst, Rolant Potthast, Vitaly Bruchnam-Bamberg, Christopher Heins, Max Buczek, Alexandr Belenchuk, Daniel Metternich, Sebastian Merten, Dennis Meyer, Vasily Moshnyaga, Robert Gruhl, Leonard Schüler, HU

Our research
Our research deals with excitation and control of high-frequency (GHz to THz) dynamical phenomena (phonons, magnons) in solids. We mainly apply optical pump-probe methods.
If a laser pulse impinges a surface of an opaque solid, a multitude of physical processes is triggered, spanning timescales from femtoseconds to microseconds. The light interacts (in)directly with all available degrees of freedom. Depending on the material, these originate in the electron, spin or lattice subsystem.
We are looking for answers on questions like: How does a nanostructure influence the spectrum of the corresponding quasiparticles? Which opportunities are there to actively influence the spectrum and dissipation processes by external control parameters (magnetic field, temperature, spin currents)?

Current research projects

>Thermal transport in Nanostructures (project A02 SFB 1073)

>Active control of energy conversion in correlated oxides by spin currents (project A06 SFB 1073)

>Augmented Reality in Physics Lab Courses

Looking for a bachelor or master project?
In our group you can learn practical skills in optic and UHV labs, learn how to develop software for controlling experiments, and to automatically collect data. All project will be related to our ongoing research.
H. Ulrichs klein
About the group leader
Study of physics in Göttingen, with diploma in 2010 obtained in the group of Prof. Dr. Markus Münzenberg (now university Greifswald). Subsequently PhD studies at the university Münster, supervised by Prof. Dr. Sergej Demokritov.