Dept. for Biochemistry I: (link)

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Membrane Protein Solubilization
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • Synthetic Genetic Analysis (SGA) in yeast
  • Yeast Molecular Cell Biology

Dept. for Biochemistry II: (link)

    • Confocal laser scanning microscopy
    • Delta Vision; deconvolution-microscope
    • Peptide synthesis Peptide/protein MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry
    • Real-time measurements of cellular bioenergetics (Seahorse XF96)

    Dept. for Biophysical chemistry: (link)

    • Mechanics of small systems
    • Mechanics of single molecules
    • Local Mechanics and Dynamics of Cells and Membranes
    • Mimicking Membrane Docking and Fusion

    Dept. for Plant Biochemistry: (link)

    • Lipidomics
    • Metabolite analysis
    • Metabolomics
    • Plant growth chambers
    • Transient expression systems for plants

    Dept. for Developmental Biochemistry: (link)

    • Conventional DNA Sequencing
    • DNA Microarrays
    • Nanostring Technology for RNA Quantification
    • Next generation DNA Sequencing

    Dept. for Evolutionary Developmental Genetics (link)

    • Facility for high throughput organismic RNAi screening

      (Contact: Prof. Bucher)

    Institute of Molecular Oncology: (link)

    • Flow cytometry
    • Fluorescence-microscope for high content screening
    • Quantitative light microscopy unit for high throughput
    • Quantitative PCR

    Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology, Stem Cell Biology (link)

    • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
    • Culture of Drosophila cell lines
    • Generation of transgenic Drosophila
    • Multiplex Fluorescence Microscopy and Life Imaging

    Dept. for Molecular Structural Biology: (link)

    • Automated protein crystallization and crystal imaging
    • Bioorthogonal Labelling Reactions for Proteins
    • Genetic Code Expansion / Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis
    • Lysine Acetylation
    • Multimode Plate Reader (Fluostar)
    • Nucleosome Reconstitution
    • Production of recombinant proteins at a large scale
    • UV-induced Crosslinking
    • X-ray diffractometer

    Dept. of Genomic and Applied Microbiology (link)

    • Anaerobic cultivation of microorganisms
    • Cultivation of microorganisms at large scale
    • Genome and Transcriptome sequencing

    Institute for Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry : (link)

    • Mass spectrometry
    • NMR

    Dept. for Molecular Microbiology and Genetics: (link)

    • Protein Mass Spectrometry

    • Dept. of Bioinformatics: (link)

      • Genome analysis
      • Machine Learning
      • Metabolome analysis
      • Protein families

      Dept. for Medical Microbiology: (link)

      • Confocal laser scanning microscopy

      Dept. for General Microbiology: (link)

      • Electron microscopy

      Dept. for Molecular Biology of Livestock: (link)

      • Chromosome mapping
      • Genome scanning
      • Megabase-Techniques

      Dept. for Molecular Wood Biotechnology (link)

      • Protein identification by Mass-spec

      Dept. for Forest Botany and Tree Physiology (link)

      • EDX-transmission electron microscope
      • Fully equipped laboratory for radio-isotopes (central university facility)
      • Scanning electron microscope

      Dept. for Cellular Neurobiology: (link)

      • Confocal laser scanning microscopy

      • Electron microscopy
      • Electrophysiology
      • Live imaging
      • Scanning laser Doppler vibrometry

      Dept. for Genetics of Eukaryotic Microorganisms: (link)

      • Fluorescence Microscopy

      Dept. for Bioanalytics: (link)

      • Isothermal titration calorimetry
      • Optical spectroscopy
      • Rapid reaction facility (stopped-flow, quench flow)

      Dept. for Plant Molecular Biology and Physiology (link)

      • Biolistic Particle Delivery System for gene transfer experiment
      • ChemoCam and CCD camera for chemoluminescence detection
      • Maxi-Imaging PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer
      • Real time RT PCR machines

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