Production of marketable, innovative products with improved material properties from native hardwoods through a modification process with fatty acid-modified melamine and dyes

This research project dealt with chemical wood modification using polycondensation resins in combination with colouring substances with the aim of increasing the durability and dimensional stability of the wood and at the same time achieving consistent colouring and colour stabilisation. For this purpose, processes for modifying hardwood with condensation resins and coloring substances were developed and optimized.
Overall, the coloured synthetic resin modifications were able to increase the durability and dimensional stability of hardwoods in line with the objective, while at the same time achieving colour penetration and colour stabilisation. The effectiveness of the colour modification in this case showed a significant dependence on the impregnability of the wood species and in particular on the resin type and colourant used. Here, the achieved wood properties were determined by the process parameters and the resulting macro - and microscopic distribution of the modification chemicals.
The coloured resin modifications offer the possibility to change the visual appearance of deciduous trees and to extend their service life. The property enhancements expand the range of uses and products of woods. Application potential exists especially in demanding outdoor, as well as indoor areas.