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Horizon Europe - European Research Council (ERC)

Since 2007, the ERC has been funding basic research through open calls for proposals to which outstanding scientists from all disciplines can apply. The sole selection criterion for ERC grants is the scientific excellence of both the project proposals and the applicants.

Since the foundation of the ERC, researchers' interest has steadily increased, which is also reflected in the number of applications. In the period 2007 to 2021, the approval rate for German applicants was approximately 15 percent. In addition, the ERC proposal can also serve as a basis for national funding formats and it can be submitted in an adapted form (double funding is not permitted).

In order to increase your chances of success, advisory and application paths have been established at the University of Göttingen, which have proven successful in the past. Advice is provided by the staff of the EU Office of the Research and Transfer Services. In order for this to be of the greatest possible benefit, we would like to encourage you to contact the EU Office three months before the respective submission deadline. The lead time is necessary because coordination between the applicant, the respective dean's office and the Presidential Board must take place in order to ensure, among other things, access to premises (e.g. laboratory space) as well as a sound budget calculation for the entire duration of the project (e.g. depreciation of equipment, audits).

If you wish to submit an ERC application, it is possible to apply for start-up funding for the work during the application phase. Please contact the EU Office six months before submitting your ERC application.

In order to support all applicants in structuring the timeline up to the application deadline, the EU Office has formulated internal deadlines that serve as a recommendation.

We look forward to supporting you with our expertise in your ERC application.