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Questions to which different authors have got a first answer!

We have compiled a great selection of literature specially for students of humanities, which you can get and lend in the Study Office of the Faculty of Humanities.

The list of books (see the PDF on the right side of this page) gives you an overview of the whole collection of books with regards to the following themes:

  • Training, Coaching und Beratung / Training, Coaching and Consultation
  • Berufsfeld und Praktika / Profession and Internships
  • Bewerbung / Application
  • Diversity
  • Internationales Bewerben und Arbeiten / International applications an working
  • Karriere und Berufseinstieg / Career and entry into the workforce
  • Mentoring
  • Schlüsselkompetenzen / Key competences
  • Studienwahl und Studienorganisation / Choice of study and organisation