Development of material-adapted adhesive systems for use in finger-jointed and surface-bonded solid wood products manufactured from both untreated and modified native hardwoods for non-structural components.

The focus is on the use of untreated and modified hardwoods in adapted adhesive systems in order to respond to future changes in the supply of raw materials. A tripartite system of objectives is to be pursued for the implementation of the project.
First, wood modification processes should promote the use of previously unused hardwood species. Alternative application potentials for modified wood are to be defined. The development of material-adapted adhesive systems is of central importance for new technical solutions.
The second objective focuses on improving the durability of a bonded joint. The comprehensive characterization of adequate bonding performance is further investigated through optical inspection of the adhesive joint. The second objective is therefore divided into two sub-objectives investigating both the durability and the discoloration of an adhesive joint. The third objective focuses on the practical development of innovative products in the field of non-load-bearing components for indoor and outdoor applications.