Myth Library

The myth collection is a special interest library in analog and digital format (under construction since 2008) serving the needs of general, comparative and Ancient Near Eastern myth research. The collection contains works from the following thematic areas:

- Myth in the Ancient Near East

- Myth in Ancient Egypt

- Myth in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament

- Myth in Greece and Rome

- Myth in further regions of the world

- Myth and World View

- Myth and the Conception of Gods and other Divine Figures

- Myth and Creation

- Myth and Life after Death

- Myth and Ritual/Religion

- Myth and History/ Politics

- Myth and Society

- Myth and Iconography/Glyptic Art

- Interdisciplinary Mythological Research

- Historical Interpretations of and Attitudes toward Myth (Rezeptionsgeschichte von Mythen)

- Theory of Myth

- Methodological Issues

- Lexicons of Myth

In addition to these books, a large number of contributions collected in the Supplements to the Mythological Collection (SMS) are included.

The digital Mythological Library constitutes a particularly efficient and productive tool for mythological research, for both students and scholars. It offers access to primary sources, bibliographies, reviews, abstracts, ebooks and articles published in digital form.