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Onboarding and Leadership for Newly Appointed Professors

As a newly appointed professor at the University of Göttingen, you are confronted with a variety of requirements. Perhaps you have already held a professorship before and are now facing the challenge of getting to know the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Or you are a professor for the first time and it is not only the university structures that you need to get to know. In both cases we would like to support you in your arrival process at the Georg-August-Universität with our onboarding program. We also welcome professors who have started in Göttingen for several years ago, since some of the workshops can also be interesting such as "leading from distance".
Although the events will be held in German, it is of course possible to contribute to the events and ask questions in English.

The program started in 2021 as a pilot and will be continued in 2022. An overview on upcoming and past dates are on the right side, details in the menus below.



The program started as a pilot in 2020/ 2021 and will be continued in 2022. It aimed primarily at getting to know your needs and adapting the university's offerings to them. It is intended to facilitate your arrival at the university and to introduce you to the structures and processes.
In principle, it is aimed at all newly appointed professors at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, and is also open to members of earlier cohorts.

The program consists of different formats that complement each other:

  • A kick-off event provides an opportunity to meet the members of the Presidential Board as well as to get acquainted and network with other newly appointed professors of the same cohort
  • The kick-off is followed by various dialog formats with contact persons from the departments and staff units of the Central Administration, which serve to get to know each other and to enter into discussions on common and relevant topics.
  • With Welcome Interviews, important contact persons of the Central Administration offer room to find answers and solutions to your individual questions as needed.
  • In an individual clarification and consultation meeting, there is the opportunity to shed light on your respective individual needs and to find suitable formats such as coaching, mentoring or external qualification measures.
  • The toolbox "Leadership and Onboarding" gives an overview of contact persons and introduces you to various leadership topics.
  • In addition, we offer workshops and other exchange formats on leadership, open to all professors and other persons in leading positions.

By participating in the program or using individual offers, you not only receive support. You can also help shape the future program and our offerings. Our goal is to adapt the offerings to your needs as best as possible and on an ongoing basis. For this we depend on your feedback. Therefore contact the persons in the column on the right.

    While several of our offers target recently appointed professors, our workshops and seminars are open to all professors. Especially recent trends such as "leading from a distance" can be interesting and relevant also professors who have already started in Göttingen several years (or decades) ago. If you look for workshops outside Göttingen, we offer advice to find appropriate offers elsewhere. The following offers are planned for 2022 (Although the events will be held in German, it is of course possible to contribute to the events and ask questions in English.)

    Programm Inhouse-Workshops 2022

    Impuls-Workshop: Umgang mit Diversität in der Führung von Gruppen | ONLINE
    Wie kann ich als Führungskraft ein diverses Team mit verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergründen gut führen? Was sind Potentiale diverser Teams (z.B. Perspektivenvielfalt, Kreativität) und welche Herausforderungen (z.B. unklare oder unterschiedliche Erwartungen der Mitarbeitenden) treten auf? Und was kann ich zu einer effektiven, effizienten Zusammenarbeit und einem offenen Teamklima beitragen, damit alle Teammitglieder sich bestmöglich einbringen können? Der Impulsworkshop soll eine Einführung in das Thema geben, die Entwicklung erster Handlungsideen und den Austausch zu Herausforderungen im Arbeitsalltag ermöglichen.
    Termin: Mittwoch, 29.06.22, 10:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr Informationen und Anmeldung

    Workshop: Mikropolitische Kompetenzen entwickeln - als Professor*in in Gremien und in der Zusammenarbeit wirkungsvoll arbeiten | ONLINE
    Aus mikropolitischer Perspektive ist die Universität ein Ort, an dem es darum geht, sich strategisch klug zu positionieren, die eigenen Interessen zu vertreten und vorhandene Handlungsspielräume zu nutzen. Ziel des Workshops ist es, den eigenen Umgang mit Macht und Ressourcen zu reflektieren, um individuelle und organisationale Ziele in der Universität besser verwirklichen zu können. Der Workshop wird in zwei Modulen durchgeführt, damit die Möglichkeit besteht, sich Ziele zu setzen, neu entwickelte Strategien in der Praxis zu erproben und im zweiten Workshop gemeinsam zu reflektieren. Der Termin für den zweiten Teil wird in der Gruppe gemeinsam festgelegt.
    Termine: Gruppe 1: Freitag, 10.06.22, Gruppe 2: Freitag, 17.06.22
    Informationen und Anmeldung

    Kurz-Workshop "Führung" für Professor*innen | PRÄSENZ
    Der Workshop soll einen Einstieg in Führungsmodelle und zentrale Führungsaufgaben geben. Es wird zudem Reflexion und Austausch untereinander zum eigenen Führungsalltag ermöglicht. Der Workshop wird von Dr. Katrin Wodzicki (Bereichsleitung PE/OE) durchgeführt, voraussichtlich gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos (Leiterin der Abteilung für Sozial- und Kommunikationspsychologie).
    Termin: Mittwoch, 07.09.22
    Informationen und Anmeldung

    Diese und andere Angebote finden Sie in unserem Schulungsprogramm 2022. Wir beraten Sie gern, falls Sie an einer Veranstaltung außerhalb Göttingens teilnehmen möchten und auf der Suche nach geeigneten Angeboten sind. Und wir nehmen gern Ihre Anregungen für weitere Themen für Inhouse-Workshops an.

    • Inhouse-Workshops und Beratung zu externen Angeboten: Manuela Bülow, Akademische Personalentwicklung,, Tel. +49 (0)551 / 39-26342
    • Beratung, Mentoring, Coaching (s.o.): Dr. Vera Bissinger, Akademische Personalentwicklung,, Tel. +49 (0)551 / 39-26343
      Sprechzeiten: Montags, Dienstags, Mittwochs (bis 12 Uhr)

The interface between science and administration is especially relevant. The better the cooperation is structured, the better the respective parties can focus on their core tasks. In order to get to know the contact persons, information and processes on the administrative side, we offer dialog formats in which one or two complex of themes are the focus in each case:
In this way, you can get to know the relevant contact persons and central information and engage in an exchange about your questions and challenges.
Please find here the overview 2021. The dates for 2022 are tentative.

  • 8. March, 11-12:30h (confirmed): Lehrkompetenzen in der Wissenschaft - An overview of the offerings of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as well as Digital Learning and Teaching
  • 16. May, 16-18h (confirmed): Forschungsförderung, Transfer und internationale Kooperationen - Collaboration with the departments Research and Transfer Services as well as the International Office
  • 24. June, 10-12h (confirmed): Professor*innen als Führungskraft und Manager*in - Interesting facts from the Human Resources and Finance departments
  • 13 October, 14-16h (confirmed): Die Stiftungsuniversität Göttingen: Aufbau, Strukturen und Prozesse der Universität Göttingen - An overview from the Legal Department and the Public Relations Department

Although the events will be held in German, it is of course possible to ask questions in English.
To be added to the mailing list for the dates and information, please contact

Act as a central point of contact for a welcome talk, which can also serve as orientation and guidance:

Anika Werkmeister
Section 51: Civil Servants and Travel Expenses
Phone. +49 (0)551 / 39-24210

Dr. Katrin Wodzicki
Section 53: HR Development and Organisational Development
Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-26340

A contact form (in German) is available for registering your need for a meeting. We will contact you as soon as possible with a concrete appointment proposal.

In addition, the following department, staff unit or section manager are available for a welcome interview:

  • Christine Weinrich
    Head of HR Department
    For topics of dealing with fixed-term contracts and personnel-related issues
    Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-24791
  • Dr. Birte Otten
    Head of the Research and Transfer Services
    For topics of national and international Research Funding and EU programs
    Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-28242
  • Dr. Markus Gelhoet
    Head of Finance Department
    For the topics of Business Planning and Management, Accounting and Controlling
    Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-24370
  • Thomas Richter
    Head of Public Relations Department
    For the topics of Press and Public Relations
    Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-24342
  • Lisa Meißner
    Deputy Head of Student and Academic Services
    For the topics Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-20379

    Contact them directly to make an appointment.
    You can also find this overview in the toolbox.

As a newly appointed (junior) professor, you will face many new challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a lot of individual questions. The Human Resources Development Department would like to support you in clarifying your individual questions and offers therefore various formats.
In an initial meeting with Dr. Vera Bissinger (systemic consultant, SG-certified), you will discuss your issue(s) and clarify together whether and which other formats currently offer the best support for you.
Depending on your individual situation and urgency, this could be external coaching sessions, specific further training or mentoring.
If you have a professional concern that could be supported by coaching in the short to medium term, we will provide you with a list of certified coaches (or you can find a coach of your choice). For most concerns one to three coaching sessions are sufficient.
For newly appointed professors, mentoring can help them get started. In a supportive one-to-one relationship with an established leader, questions about personal and professional development issues can be reflected upon in a trusting setting.

The content of the consultation is, of course, confidential.

To make an appointment please contact

Dr. Vera Bissinger, Academic HR Development, Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-26343
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (until 12 noon)

    The area of HR Development is an essential element of your job. You lead employees who are entrusted with a wide variety of tasks and supervise students and doctoral candidates.
    With the toolbox "Leadership and Onboarding", we would like to provide you with a compact instrument that contains various tips and hints when performing these leadership tasks.

    The central basis of the toolbox is the leadership role model of Ghent University, Belgium. It distinguishes between 5 roles that a leader can hold: Manager, Coach, Decision Maker, Expert and Innovator. The model serves to structure the tasks and responsibilities of a leader and to assign helpful approaches and methods.
    Depending on your specific leadership tasks, your area of responsibility and your abilities and skills, the five roles will be of varying relevance to you. There is also room for maneuver in fulfilling a role. These roles, the approaches and methods in the toolbox are primarily intended to encourage reflection and support you in becoming aware of your own roles and in learning approaches and methods for fulfilling these roles.
    If you have any questions about the leadership topics in the toolbox and beyond, please feel free to contact us

  • Dr. Katrin Wodzicki, Head of Section HR Development and Organisational Development, Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-26340

  • Manuela Bülow, Academic HR Development, Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-26342

  • We will be happy to advise you individually, according to your needs. We are also planning workshop and exchange formats for the topic area of "Leadership" and are happy to receive your requests in this regard.
    If you do not yet have a copy of the toolbox, please contact us.

    In principle, the program is directed at all new professors at the Georg August University of Göttingen.
    Interested persons from previous years are welcome to participate. Junior research group leaders are equally welcome. Please contact us if you would like to be included in the distribution list for the program (

    The Onboarding Program for newly appointed professors was implemented in 2020/21. The design is seen as a continuous adaptation process that responds to the needs of the newly appointed professors- as co-creation, so to speak. Therefore, we are very interested in your feedback! Take advantage of the opportunity to help shape the process and send us your feedback to

  • Melanie Grosse, Academic HR Development, Phone: +49(0)551/39-26349