Preparing for studying abroad or an internship abroad

Before going abroad, please make sure to consider the following points:

Accreditation of credits earned abroad in your subject
During the preparations for your studies abroad you should think about which of the credits you are planning to earn should be accredited to your studies in Göttingen upon your return. You must consult with your responsible teacher/professor in Göttingen to clarify the requirements for accreditation. It is very helpful to sign a Learning Agreement, a document signed by you and your coordinators in Göttingen and your host institution. By signing the agreement all three parties declare their acceptance of the study program. In any case, you should return to Göttingen with a formal transcript of your grades, courses and their contents and type of exams in order to have a basis for accreditation. Please click on the respective link in the right-hand column to access information on the person in charge of accreditation and the handling of accreditation within your faculty.

Health and accident insurance
Please make sure that you have comprehensive insurance abroad and ask for the details with your insurance companies BEFORE you leave. General liability insurance, accident insurance and health insurance are often offered in one package. If you are planning to study or do an internship in a European country, you usually need a confirmation from your insurance company, that you are covered for health insurance abroad (e.g. European Health Insurance Card). If you have private health insurance, ask for precise information as to exactly what you are insured for. This is particularly important for non-EU countries. Consider the high costs of medical treatment on the North American continent and clarify questions on this in advance; ask for a written confirmation (in English if possible). Medical and medicine related courses of study have special regulations, particularly regarding general liability insurance.

For almost all non-EU countries, you will require a special visa to enter the country as a student or intern. Please inform yourself of the visa requirements of your country of destination ahead of time (almost all consulates have websites nowadays) and begin with the required steps to acquire the correct visa. Often it is not possible to change the status of your visa once you have entered the country.

Please make sure that you have received the necessary vaccinations for certain countries sufficiently in advance of your stay. Sometimes vaccinations must be started several months in advance to ensure enough time to administer all vaccinations before departure. Please check the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs for worldwide vaccination requirements.

Leave of absence
It is possible to take a leave of absence for the time spent abroad. Advantages: The semesters abroad will not count towards the length of your course of study (subject-related semester) and you do not have to pay tuition fees for the duration of the leave of absence. You will remain a student of the University during this time. If your stay abroad is an obligatory part of your curriculum, you cannot take a leave of absence but can be exempted of paying tuition fees for the duration of your stay abroad. You can find further information at leave of absence and exemption..