Prof. Dr. Konrad Samwer

Curriculum Vitae

Konrad Samwer was born 1952 in Goettingen.
He studied physics at the universities of Goettingen and Bonn and got his doctoral degree 1981 in the group of G. von Minnigerode, Goettingen.
After Postdoc positions in Goettingen and at the California Institute of Technology, he obtained his habilitation in Goettingen.
In 1989, he became a C4 professor at the University of Augsburg and accepted an offer to come back to Goettingen also as full professor for experimental physics (1999).

Konrad Samwer has received a number of respected awards, including having been awarded the DFG's prestigious Leibniz Prize in 2004. He is a member of the Academy of Sciences at Goettingen and the National Academy (Leopoldina). He has held a lot of official positions in the science community including a service as vice president of the DFG from 2007 to 2013.