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Planning Your Studies Abroad

Studying abroad requires extensive planning in advance. Before you start your time abroad, it is important to consider if a visa is necessary, whether or not you need to apply for financial support, if you are able to speak the native language or if options for learning the language while abroad are available. It is also very important to make sure your studies abroad are accredited and accepted by the University of Göttingen. The following pages will give you information on the different exchange and scholarship programmes (ERASMUS, partner universities in Japan, China, etc.), which are open to you as a student of the University of Göttingen. For further information and help with planning your studies abroad, please visit the International Office during its office hours. Services include personal counselling, relevant literature, and information concerning any helpful events.

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Study Abroad: Scholarships (awarded by the University of Göttingen)

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Internships abroad: Exchange Programmes

Many different organisations provide advice on internships outside Germany. Get more information.

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Further Financing Possibilities for Academic Studies and Internships Abroad