IPC Seminar Schedule

Winter Term 2018/2019

Summer Term 2019

16.04.2019 PC Kolloquium organized by BENCh (GRK 2455)
Prof. Dr. Deborah Lee Crittenden (University of Canterbury)
"How to have your cake and eat it too: New methods for constructing potential
energy surfaces and wavefunctions"
21.05.2019 Progress Report
Florian Alexander Mann (Kruss group)
"Design strategies for novel carbon nanotube bioconjugates"
28.05.2019 PC/IPC Internship Reports
René Kevin Rahrt (PC internship, Armentrout group, University of Utah)
„Hot or Not? Benzhydrylpyridinium Ions as New Class of Thermometer Ions“
Yalun Zheng (IPC internship, Janshoff group)
„Mechanical Studies of FG-Nucleoporin NUP98 with AFM and Optical Tweezer“
Michael Schwarzer (IPC internship, Suhm group)
„In between matrix and gas phase - Raman- and IR- jet spectroscopy of formic acid“
04.06.2019 14:15 Seminar
Sönke Oswald (Suhm group)
„Neuerungen im Modul M.Che.1304: Physikalisch Chemisches Experimentieren: Spektroskopie“
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