IPC Seminar Schedule

Winter Term 2020/2021

Summer Term 2021

29.06.2021 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Maike Mücke (IPC Internship, Behler group)
Investigations into the Effects of Contradictory Structure Representation on Machine Learning Potentials
Maike Vahl (IPC Internship, Mata / Proppe group)
Inverse kinetic analysis of chemical reaction systems
20.07.2021 guest presentation
Elisa Brás, Universität Coimbra, Portugal (Guest of the GRK 2455 / Suhm group)
Jet-Cooled and Matrix-Isolated Radicals: Monitoring Interactions and Reactions through IR Spectroscopy
20.07.2021 progress report
Sebastian Wille (Wodtke group)
Developing a high-dimensional neural network potential to study C-H bond formation by simulating H-atom scattering from graphene
27.07.2021 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Sophia Tödter (IPC Internship, Suhm / Zeuch group)
Monitoring H2SO4 Nucleation and Particle Growth in Presence of Methanol and Other Stabilizing Species
28.09.2021 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Kirsten Orth (IPC Internship, Vana group)
Synthesis of silica-coated platinum nanoparticles as cores for surface-initiated RAFT polymerization
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