Promotion of self-designed courses and networks by doctoral candidates for doctoral candidates

New at the GGG "from the bottom up"

In addition to the existing course program, the GGG has recently started a pilot project to promote self-organized events and networks by PhD students for PhD students.

Since you have the best overview of what will advance you in terms of content, you can expand your knowledge in the GGG in a self-organized way: Design your own course or peer-group network according to your needs and those of your fellow PhD students. In doing so, you can deepen your expertise by sharing your insights with other PhD students and thus also gain further experience in imparting knowledge. Conversely, doctoral students who are familiarizing themselves with a topic can open up new territory more quickly in exchange with advanced doctoral students and avoid typical initial mistakes. Together, doctoral researchers in the peer group can exchange ideas about the advantages and limitations of an approach or method in a particularly productive way and thus conduct research with greater scientific depth.

Therefore, starting in WS 2021/22, the GGG promotes interdisciplinary exchange about the scientific approaches, methods, and challenges of your PhD - complementary to the discussion with the PhD supervisor and the research colloquium. For this purpose, the GGG provides a funding volume of 5,000 euros in total per year for the first time in a pilot project. In case of many, inspiring requests, this amount can be increased by the board.

You can apply bottom-up for
(a) funding a course that will help you learn or deepen a method or toolkit based on your research questions; or
b) the establishment of a doctoral forum on your topics, if you wish to have a longer-term, interdisciplinary framework for your discussion of doctoral projects or questions of your academic career
c) other forms of self-designed scientific qualification and networking.

Please also note the further information in the FAQ.