Forum for PhD-Students of Social Sciences

Application any time

  • You are currently working on your PhD-thesis and want to meet other PhD-students?
  • You want to discuss your research topic with other PhD-students or increase your knowledge with the help of guest lecturers?
  • You want to learn more about research methods and tools such as reference management software or empirical methods?
  • You want to discuss your research strategy with other PhD-students to make sure that you are using a good scientific practice or improve it?

In 2012 the GGG started supporting networking projects for PhD-students of Social Sciences in order to bring together PhD-students in small groups so that they can benefit from exchanging their thoughts and experiences. Those groups can either focus on a certain topic (e.g. “climate change”, “democracy in the 21st century”, “intercultural dialogue”, etc.) or they can function as a colloquium, or they can simply offer a forum where you can support each other.

The GGG supports forums like this by:

  • bringing together PhD-students interested in forming a group
  • finding dates and places to meet
  • supporting the organization of the first meetings (if help is needed)
  • financial funding for expenses and guest lecturers (as far as possible)

Since we just started this project we are open for your ideas on how to improve working conditions for PhD-students. Our goal is to build a network for PhD-students by organizing meetings on a regular basis.

If you have questions, ideas or if you want to start your own forum please contact us.