Mobile children's room for members and students of the Faculty of Humanities

You attend a workshop series or a block seminar ... and, as always, everything takes place on the weekend. And you've found childcare after a lot of effort, but they'd rather stay on campus with the kids?

An urgent exam, an important consultation outside of daycare and nursery hours and once again no possibility to have your child cared for at home?

You are still breastfeeding your child, but you don't want to carry a huge breastfeeding pillow to university every day?

At your seminar there is no child-friendly possibility to go to the toilet or to diaper your child between two seminars?

Mobile boxes for children

Kinderkiste groß

Of course, this does not mean "children's storage boxes", but two mobile boxes full of wonderful things for children, e.g. coloring books, pencils, a play carpet, a marble run, soft balls, games for outside and inside. But it's not just toys that are in the boxes for you to borrow: we've also thought of a nice breastfeeding pillow, a picnic blanket, a child's toilet seat and a changing mat ... (a complete list is also available upon request by mail).

We look forward to lending you the boxes! Free of charge and also for several days.
Send an e-mail to the Equal Opportunities Officer, or call and arrange a date to hand over the boxes at the Equal Opportunities Office, and you're ready to go!

Contact by e-mail at an early stage please:
Don't forget to bring your student ID or ID card!