Travel and accomodation

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, at the North Campus of the Georg-August-University of Goettingen.

The North Campus can be reached most easily by bus, which approx. 16 minutes.

Travelling by Train & Bus

Goettingen is on the Intercity Express (ICE) North-South route between Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin in the North, and Frankfurt and Munich in the South. Search train routes.

...continuing by taxi

The station has two exits and both have taxi stands. A taxi ride to the faculty takes approximately 12 minutes.

...continuing by bus

To get to the faculty by bus please exit at the front of the station, direction city centre. The bus station is approximately 100m to the right of the station.

At bus platform D, take the bus lines 21 or 22 (departing every 30 minutes on weekdays), direction "Nikolausberg". It takes about 16 minutes. Get off at the 10th stop, "Burckardtweg".

Bus timetable

Bus timetable can be obtained as PDF at the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe.

Travelling by Car

If you are travelling via the Autobahn, exit at "Göttingen Nord" (junction 72) and continue until the end of the Autobahn access road (go east).

At the large junction with traffic lights (be aware of speed cameras!) go straight along the B27 in direction Braunlage/Duderstadt. After passing 2 pedestrian crossings you will be leaving Goettingen and after about 1,5 km you will come to a traffic light (restaurant to the right). Then turn left onto Faßberg, direction Nikolausberg.

Continue up the hill and take the second left, then after 30m left again (Burkhardtweg). There is a parking space immediate on the left and further down following the sign "Nebeneingang Büsgenweg 4".

Travelling by Aeroplane


The nearest airport to Goettingen is in the city of Hannover (app. 120km away). A train link takes you to Hannover Central Station (line S5, every 30 minutes, takes about 12 minutes), where you can get on an Intercity Express (ICE) train to Goettingen. The trip with the ICE takes about 35 minutes (see Travelling by Train & Bus).


The Frankfurt/Main airport is app. 250km from Goettingen. There is a direct ICE connection to Goettingen. The trip with the ICE takes about 2h (see Travelling by Train & Bus).


The Hamburg airport is app. 280km from Goettingen. The trip with the ICE takes about 2,5h (see Travelling by Train & Bus).


The Berlin airport is app. 340km from Goettingen. The trip with the ICE takes about 3,5h (see Travelling by Train & Bus).


You can find hotels and hostels in Göttingen for every taste and budget.

Here are three examples which are located close to the main train station, the central bus station and the city centre:

Hotel2-2 Hotel1-2 Hotel3-2