Travel and research

Grants for conference travel

Attending conferences opens up new perspectives and the opportunity to publicize your research - our travel grants make a contribution.

Suspension of "small" travel grants: Due to the staffing situation, it is not possible to apply for "small" travel grants for both conference and research trips (max. funding amount €300) until further notice!

Grants for research trips

GSGG supports research trips to libraries, archives, museums and academic collections as well as trips for the purpose of field research and data collection directly related to the dissertation.

Grants for reproduction costs of archival materials

The GSGG supports reproduction costs of archival materials that are directly related to the dissertation.

When applying for a subsidy for reproduction costs for archival materials in foreign archives/libraries, please contact the office first!

Please be sure to follow the instructions on formal conditions and deadlines in the corresponding leaflet (pdf document in the right column).

Currently, the application forms are only available in a non-interactive PDF version. Please print the appropriate form and fill it out legibly, with typed attachment if necessary.