Who can apply for the grant?

To apply, please fill out the form you will find on the right side of this page.

The Equal Opportunity Officer will be pleased to provide advice on the application process and funding opportunities.

Who can apply for the grant?

  • Faculty members for themselves and for other faculty members or events,

  • students,
  • research assistants,
  • professors,
  • employees as per collective labor agreement.

  • Goals

  • Targeted promotion of female junior scientists in areas where women are underrepresented or where there is a general gender equality deficit.

  • Support for networking and maintaining contacts, provided the focus is on equality and/or gender-relevant issues.

  • Reconciliation of family and study/work.

  • What is eligible for funding?

  • Childcare provided by trained daycare staff at faculty events.

  • Assistants for student parents in the graduation phase for supportive duties.

  • Travel and accommodation expenses for external speakers.

  • Fees for events with equality and gender-relevant topics.

  • Workshops for employees (as per collective labor agreement) on topics relevant to equality and gender.

  • Excluded from funding are:

  • Hiring and inviting women per se.

  • Travel expense allowances and conference fees for external events.

  • Catering expenses.

  • Daycare fees or other external childcare costs.

  • When can I apply for the grant?

    You can apply for funding at any time, but at least four weeks before the start of the measure.