IPC Seminar Schedule

Summer Term 2016

Winter Term 2016/2017

04.10.2016 Dozentenrunde

25.10.2016 PC/IPC Internship Reports

22.11.2016 Dozentenrunde

29.11.2016 PC/IPC Internship Reports

13.12.2016 Progress Report
Anja Poblotzki (Suhm group)
"O/π-Wasserstoffbrückenkonkurrenz in Furanderivaten"

20.12.2016 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Niels Karschin (IPC internship, Suhm group)
Raman Spectroscopy of EtOH/N2-mixtures in Supersonic Jet Expansions

Dmitriy Borodin (IPC internship, Wodtke group)
Determining the Kinetics and Dynamics of H2 oxidation on Pt(111) by using Ion-Imaging

24.01.2017 Progress Report
Thorsten Stolper (Mata group)
"Deciphering Catalysis Intermediates by Symbiosis of Experiment and Theory"

31.01.2017 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Niels Karschin (Griesinger group, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry)
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization on the Protein Malate Synthase G

Summer Term 2017


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