IPC Seminar Schedule

Summer Term 2021

Winter Term 2021/2022

30.11.2021 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Arved Cedric Dorst (IPC Internship, Schäfer)
Oxygen adsorption on Rh(111)
Qingyuan Song (IPC Internship, Yingying Cai, Vana group)
Fabrication and Characterization of Mimicked Hollow Gold Nanostructure for Phase-Contrast CT Imaging
07.12.2021 progress report
Tsz Wai Ko (Behler group)
A Fourth Generation High-Dimensional Neural Network Potential with Accurate Electrostatics Including Non-Local Charge Transfer
25.01.2021 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Johannes Diedrich (IPC Internship, Proppe)
Working with chemical representations in machine learning
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