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Leibniz Prize for Göttingen Chemist


Prof. Dr. Lutz Ackermann, chemist at the University of Göttingen, has been awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The Leibniz Prize is endowed with € 2.5 million and considered one of the most important research funding grants in Germany. more...

Three-minute thesis competition


Are you a PhD student at the University of Göttingen? Can you present the core message of your doctoral thesis in just three minutes? Can you explain your research to a group of lay people – in English? And finally: are you interested in a trip to Edinburgh should you be among the final contestants? Then this is something for you! more...

Intensification of land use leads to the same species everywhere


Intensive use of grasslands by humans reduces species diversity and makes the landscape more monotonous, so that the same species end up everywhere. Nature is then no longer able to provide us with many essential ‘services’, which range from soil formation for food production to pest control. more...

Distant star is roundest object ever observed in nature

Stars are not perfect spheres, several mechanisms can change their shape. One mechanism is rotation: the more quickly a star rotates, the more flat it becomes due to the centrifugal force. Since distant stars appear as points in the sky, measuring their shape is a challenging task. Göttingen researchers have now succeeded in measuring the oblateness of a slowly rotating star. more...