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Basis for new type of solar cell


An interdisciplinary team of researchers has laid the foundations for an entirely new type of photovoltaic cell. In this new method, infrared radiation is converted into electrical energy using a different mechanism from that found in conventional solar cells. The mechanism, made of the mineral perovskite, relies on so-called polaron excitations. more...

Collaborative agreement on global and transregional studies


The Volkswagen Group has become an associate partner of the Göttingen Campus. Göttingen University and the Volkswagen Group have signed a general agreement: Their objective for the future is to work together more closely on research and teaching projects, particularly in the area of global and transregional studies. more...

Can the greening be greener?


In 2015, the European Union (EU) introduced a new greening instrument into the Common Agricultural Policy, with the intention of slowing down the rapid loss of biodiversity in agricultural areas. A group of scientists has examined how effective the flagship greening measure really is. Their conclusions are sobering. more...

Stress bypasses quality control

Under stressful life conditions many proteins lose their functionality. A natural mechanism that can be found in all cells leads to the preferred synthesis of stabilizing proteins (so called chaperones), which protect cells from stress and the subsequent “destruction” of normal proteins. Scientists from the University of Göttingen have addressed the question of how this life-saving mechanism works. The results were published in Nature. more...