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New record: Göttingen University welcomes its 4000th international student


A new record set at Göttingen University: winter semester 2016/2017 marks the first time that the University enrolled more than 4000 international students. That means that out of around 31,500, nearly one in eight students at Göttingen University is of international origin: with its 13 percent quota, the University ranks fourth among the major universities nationwide. more...

Vicious circle in the Amazon


Logging that happens today and potential future rainfall reductions in the Amazon could push the region into a vicious dieback circle. If dry seasons intensify with human-caused climate change, the risk for self-amplified forest loss would increase even more, an international team of scientists with participation from the University of Göttingen has found. more...

Göttingen gets new International Max Planck Research School for Genome Science


In fall this year, the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Genome Science will start at the Göttingen Campus. The doctoral program combines state-of-the-art techniques in experimental and computational life sciences to train young researchers in the interdisciplinary field of genome science. Interested students with suitable qualification can apply until April 15th, 2017. more...

Light-emitting bubbles captured in the wild

At the University of Göttingen, physicists have imaged, for the first time, sonoluminescence flashes together with the bubbles in an ultrasonically driven bubble cloud. By high-speed video recording with up to 0.5 million images taken per second, light emitting bubbles can be identified and their shapes and oscillations analyzed. more...