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Building International Careers

Are you looking for a job or an internship abroad? From this summer term on, 'Building International Careers' will become a self-paced online course that supports you in planning your international career path right from the start! The course consists of four online career modules with individual tasks and detailed instructions for group activities. The topics discussed cover the whole application process.


  • Know your skills, interests, and strengths to identify international job options that fit your personality best
  • Plan your career abroad and learn more about specific job search strategies, application documents, and interview situations
  • Become part of an international community and develop a support network to achieve your personal and professional goals

    Who this course is for
  • BA and MA students of all disciplines who are interested in an international career
  • We recommend international students who are interested in a career in Germany our specific learning module "Working in Germany for international students" (Stud.IP course Career Service Online Angebote -> Learning modules)
  • Course language is English

  • Online career modules with self-assessments, topic-related resources, with a recorded lecture and an expert interview
  • Individual tasks in combination with peer group activities
  • Detailed instructions for group sessions aim to encourage collaboration, (intercultural) exchange, and support among students attending the course

    Timeframe and workload
    In general, you are flexible in how much time you are spending on the modules. On average, you can plan to spend about 26 hours on the whole course in a timeframe of 12 weeks. Please find more details about how to work with the online modules in the “Instructions for the Stud.IP online course” below.

      How to participate in the course
    • Please read carefully the “Instructions for the Stud.IP Online Course Building International Careers” (PDF) to find out if your expectations match the goals, content and, methods of the course.
    • Fill in the registration form.
    • The Career Service will confirm your registration and send you a password.
    • Register in Stud.IP for the course “Building International Careers 2021” and sign in with the given password.
    • Open the first learning module “Building International Careers 2021 – Introduction” and read the introduction section and the guidelines for the group work.
    • Connect with other participants of the course, build a team (as described in the guidelines) and get started!