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Certificate programme: Building International Careers

The application period has ended

You are looking for a job or internship in a global context? The certificate programme „Building International Careers“ supports you with blended learning methods and a flexible timeframe in planning your international career path.


  • Knowing your interests, competences and strenghts for global working perspectives
  • Planning and preparing your career abroad (research strategies for jobs, application documents, interview situations)
  • Becoming part of an international learning community that focusses on international working contexts

    Taret Group
  • BA and MA students of all subjects who aim at global working activities (international and German students)
  • Everyone who registers online with a high degree of motivation and applies successfully with a preparation task will be part of the programme

    Timeline and Methods
  • Winter term 2019/20 (13.11.2019 – 10.02.2020)
  • Blended Learning: workshops, webinars, (online-)lecture, self-assessment exercises, peer-to-peer-coaching

Q & A

In order to get the Certificate International you have to complete the following elements. You can choose whether you would like to take part in the online module III or IV. Of course, it is also possible to participate in both.

# Element Mandatory
1 Kick off workshop, 13/11/2019, 2 – 6 p.m.
2 Online I – Know yourself!
3 Online II – Prepare yourself!
4 Online III – Present yourself! (√)
5 Online IV – Pitch yourself! (√)
6 Final Workshop – Reflect yourself, 10/02/2020, 2 – 6 p.m
7 Poster Presentation (part of the last workshop)
8 Participation and engagement in the peer-group-meetings (self-organised)
9 Intercultural competence training
10 Intercultural engagement

This is an average estimation how much time you have to invest in the programme:

  • Kick-off-workshop and final workshop (2) - 4 hours each
  • Online-modules (3) - 4 hours each
  • Peer-group-meetings (4) - 2 hours each
  • Preparation of the final presentation (1) - 3 hours
  • ∑ 31 hours in winter term
  • Intercultural competence training (1) – 2-3 days
  • Intercultural engagement – Depending on your chosen activity

You are flexible in completing the online modules – in general, you have a timeframe of one week to work on the online-materials. Please note that the online modules are matching with the peer-group-meetings – you are not able to work on the peer-group-tasks if you have not completed the individual self-assessments. Your open questions, comments and discussions that you had in your peer group or in your self-assessment will be answered and picked-up in the Q&A support via adobe connect.

The general process is the following (except online II):

  1. Online-Materials available with individual self-assessment-exercises
  2. Peer-group-meeting with given tasks and documentation (video, voicemail or protocol)
  3. Live Q&A support via adobe connect

Here is an overview about the specific times and processes of the online-modules:

# Element TimeFrame Annotation
1 Online I Materials available from November 18th, peer-group-meeting until November 27th Webinar on December 2nd A participation in the Q&A live-support is recommended but not required – the session will be recorded.
2 Online II Lecture on December 9th , peer-group-meeting until December 20th A participation in the lecture is recommended but not required – the lecture will be recorded.
3 Online III Materials available from January 6th, peer-group-meeting until January 15th, Webinar on January 20th A participation in the Q&A live-support is recommended but not required – the session will be recorded
2 Online IV Materials available from January 27th , mock interviews within the peer-group until February 6th. Mock interviews within your peer-group with a Career Service guide are optional and available on February 5th and 6th via adobe connect

After every peer-group-meeting you are sending a short documentation via Rocket. The documentation is a resume of the tasks you completed as a group and can be transmitted as a short video or voicemail-message as well as a written protocol. This is the proof that you completed the online-modules as well as you engaged within your peer group.

The materials will be given via Stud IP. For the peer-group-communication and documentation, we want you to use the programme “Rocket”. It was developed for students of Göttingen University and you can register with your student account. Please inform about the use before starting the programme:

For further information regarding the intercultural competence training, please contact the Centre for Intercultural Competence directly It is also possible to receive credits for key competences if you complete the ePortfolio of the visited training, too.

Here is an overview about activities for the intercultural engagement. You need 3 internationalisation points for the Certificate International. If you have further questions, please contact InDiGU:

Your peer-group has 3-5 members with different backgrounds. You meet for every online-module and you are working on given career-related tasks together. It is not required to meet in person – you can also use virtual ways for your communication. A documentation of your meeting is required. Due to this reason, please open your own “Rocket”-channel for your peer group. You are also presenting your poster together in the end.

In the final presentation you wrap up your learnings, ideas and inspirations of the programme. You have to design a poster for a common Gallery walk. Convincing posters will be awarded and presented to the University public.

Please contact Henrike Haase, international career counsellor of the Career Service, for further questions regarding “Building International Careers” For questions regarding the intercultural competence training, please contact Alexandra Schreiber: If you should have further questions on the intercultural engagement, please contact Patrick Lajoie:

The online modules as well as the kick-off and final workshop have to be completed in winter term. The participation in the intercultural competence training and the intercultural engagement is also possible during the summer term.

"Building International Careers" will be offered in every semester. Since we are improving the programme constantly, it can be that some elements will change.