TAC Meeting- Was man wissen muss

Thesis advisory comittee (TAC) meeting

  • The Thesis Committee must include

    • at least one experimental and one theoretical member
    • two Thesis Committee members from the group of local PIs and one external.

  • TAC meetings will take place around the 6th, 18th and 30th month of the doctoral thesis (1 meeting/year)
  • A written progress report has to be submitted by the doctoral candidate prior to the meetings, highlighting the latest results, anticipated obstacles and the plans for the coming year
  • The progress report for the 30th month has to include a review of the Career Advancement Plan (CAP)
  • The progress reports are filed by the RTG Office and forwarded to all the Committee members

  • TAC meetings include

    • 10-15 min presentation by the candidate (only if requested in advance)
    • Discussion

    Please, keep in mind that it is your own responsibility to organize the TAC meetings