Development and implementation of an e-learning module for the German Sign Language (DGS) courses (Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur) (starting in April 2019)

(A)symmetries and Movement in Spoken and Sign Languages (DFG) (since 2019)

Lehmann-Haupt International Doctoral Program (LHIDP) (Volkswagen Foundation and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgien) (since 2018) (seit 2018)

(In)visible Life Stories - Documentation of the Life, Culture and Language of Elderly Deaf People (PRO*Niedersachsen, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur) (since 2017)

The Sign Hub: Preserving, Researching and Fostering the Linguistic, Historical and Cultural Heritage of European Deaf Signing Communities with an Integral Resource (Horizon 2020) (since 2016)

Research Training Group 2070: Understanding Social Relationships (DFG) (since 2015)

Discourse Referents in Space - Anaphora Resolution in German Sign Language (DFG) (since 2014)

Non-manual Signals and the Grammar of two (Related) Sign Languages (GIF) (2013-2015)

Priming across Modalities: The Influence of Orthography on Sign and Spoken Language Processing (DFG) (2013-2014)

CLARIN-D (discipline-specific work group 6) (2011-2014)

Unraveling the Grammars of European Sign Languages (COST-Action) (2011-2015)

Bilateral Cooperation: University of Haifa - University of Göttingen (DFG) (2011-2012)

DGS classes: University of Göttingen (since 2010)

Courant Research Center "Text Structures" (since 2010)

Processing of Spatial Information in Sign Languages (Research Funding University of Mainz) (2009-2011)

Sign Language - An International Handbook (2008-2012)

Die SprachChecker (2007-2008)