Zwei-Fächer-Bachelor (inkl. Lehramtsfächer)

Structure of the Two-subject Bachelor's programme at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Göttingen

In the two-subject Bachelor's degree programme, two subjects are studied equally. As a rule*, all subjects can be combined with each other. This means that cross-faculty subject combinations can also be chosen.

For the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, a total of 180 credits are earned.

The two subjects each account for 66 credits. The examination and study regulations provide information on how and through which modules**/courses these credits are to be earned. In some cases there are elective options for modules and courses, in others there are none.
In addition to the total of 132 credits in the subject area (2 x 66 = 132), 36 credits are earned in the so-called professionalisation area. Within this professionalisation area, students can basically choose between four different profiles:

  • Subject-based Profile: In this profile, one of the two subjects studied is deepened by further 18 credits. It is thus possible to focus on one of the two subjects. The examination and study regulations of the corresponding subject contain the provisions as to which modules are intended for this. The remaining 18 credits are acquired through offers in the area of key competences*.

  • Occupation-related Profile: This profile is designed to prepare students for a non-science career. Modules amounting to 18 credits can be taken either from one of the two subjects studied or even from another subject. The respective examination and study regulations govern the offerings in this profile. The remaining 18 credits are acquired through offerings in the area of key competences.

  • Teaching Profession Profile: Students must be explicitly enrolled for this profile, i.e. they must have already decided on it before beginning their studies. 26 of the 36 credits in this profile are pre-planned through two internships, one educational science module and two subject didactic modules*. The remaining 10 credits are acquired through offers in the area of key competences*. The teaching profile prepares students for the subsequent Master of Education, which is necessary to work as a teacher at the Gymnasium.

  • Studium Generale: There are no regulations for this profile that require certain modules to be taken. In the studium generale, modules to the extent of 36 credits can be freely selected from the permissible range.

    12 credits are awarded for the Bachelor’s thesis, which is written in one of the two subjects. The standard period of study is six semesters.

  • Here you can find a flyer about the Bachelor’s degree programme
  • Here you will find the examination and study regulations. Under subject-specific study and examination regulations of the subjects, you can select your subject and find the link to the regulations in the right-hand column.

    *Exception: A combination of East Asian Studies/Chinese as a Foreign Language with East Asian Studies/Modern China is not possible.

    ** A glossary with relevant terms for studying, e.g. 'module', can be found here.